Tips for New Tech

By Catherine Pierce Tips for New Tech (Hint: it’s not the technology) Marketing through new media technology can be one of the most rewarding marketing techniques, but it can also be the most tricky since technology is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to have a knowledge of current apps and technology, however, in … Continue reading Tips for New Tech


Medal Worthy Content

By Catherine Pierce Social media technology can change a lot in the four years in between Olympic Games. Technology has increasingly been heading toward UGC. New technologies, such as Snap and Instagram have been making it easier for users to share live content with their friends. Organizations have had to learn to adapt to these … Continue reading Medal Worthy Content

Snap into It

  By Catherine Pierce New technologies and media are constantly being made and released, attracting a newer and larger consumer bases. Businesses that want to stay trending need to act quickly, take risks and have a good understanding of who their customer is. Professional sports business need to get out of the habit of only posting … Continue reading Snap into It