Meet Laura


Research Assistant

Contact: quinonlx@dukes.jmu.edu

I’m Laura Quinones. I am a junior at Madison University. I am a double major in Public Relations and Media Arts and Design, with a minor in Business Spanish. I currently work as an intern at Madison Events where I focus on event planning and social media engagement. In the past, I have interned at the Latino Student Fund, a nonprofit in Washington DC.

Meet India



Contact: hagengie@dukes.jmu.edu

My name is India Hagen-Gates. I am a Junior at James Madison University. I am a double major in Communications and Media, Arts, & Design, concentrating in Public Relations and Creative Advertising. I worked as an intern for an environmental nonprofit, focusing on website presentation and social media engagement. I also had the opportunity to take two communication classes abroad in Ireland.

Meet Ashley


Creative Director

Contact: shielsam@dukes.jmu.edu

My name is Ashley Shiels.  I am Junior at James Madison University double majoring in the School of Media Arts and Design as well as in Communication Studies, with a concentration in Cultural Communications. In addition to the classes that have aided me in my technological, creative, and disciplinary skills, I interned with SUNRNR of Virginia Inc., as a social media and marketing analyst where I helped them re-vamp and update their website and social media pages. In the past, my projects have included creation of advertisements for a non-profit organization, Adobe Photoshop fantasy landscapes, as well as generation of Adobe InDesign infographics. All of the header images above the blogs were created and designed by me. 

Meet Amanda


Copy Editor

Contact: lewis4an@dukes.jmu.edu

I’m Amanda Lewis, a junior at James Madison University. Currently, I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Integrated Advertising and Corporate Communication and minoring in Creative Writing.  In the past, I have been a social media intern for a pharmaceutical non-profit, AGXPE.

Meet Catherine


Project Manager

Contact: piercemc@dukes.jmu.eduu

I’m Catherine Pierce. I am a sophomore Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Creative Advertising and an Independent Scholar major with a concentration in Design and Society. I am also minoring in Studio Art, Creative Writing, and Political Communication at James Madison University. I wrote about new technology and I created all the graphics in my blog post through Canva and Photoshop. I work as a communication consultant for the learning center at JMU. I help students with all things communication and I run the center’s social media. I also run the social media for Doghouse, Madison Honors Leadership Council, Madipolooza, and Shenandoah CAB.