Tips for New Tech

By Catherine Pierce

Tips for New Tech (Hint: it’s not the technology)

Marketing through new media technology can be one of the most rewarding marketing techniques, but it can also be the most tricky since technology is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to have a knowledge of current apps and technology, however, in five years those apps will have many new features and social media will have moved on to something else. So, while it is important to have a fundamental knowledge of these apps it is even more important to know how to navigate through new technology. Here are some tips for using new technology for sports brands.  

1.Be Authentic

Fans want to feel included like they are a part of their favorite teams. Social Media is the best way to create an intimate experience for a large group of people. New apps are becoming more and more personal with features such as live video streaming. Before a sports brand posts it is important to ask, what do the customers care about? What do they want to know? Nowadays, fans do not want to be marketed to. Instead, they want to hear personal facts about their favorite athlete or be a part of a conversation with their favorite team. They are looking for in-the-moment updates. Making the brand more authentic will stop fans from losing interest, especially during seasons where their team isn’t winning. Brands should be on the lookout for new apps, like Snap or Periscope that allow them to get closer to their fans.

  1. Still be a Marketer

A brand may become too worried about being authentic that they may forget that they are still trying to sell something, whether that is season tickets or a jersey. Brands can still be authentic while still advertising a new product. To keep their authenticity, brands should be transparent and creative, while still sticking to the company’s core values. New technology that can be added to social media, like buy buttons, create a better online shopping experience for fans. Fans can experience content that they like and trust, while being still shown the shopping opportunities.

  1. Physical world to Social world

New technologies are evolving to connect the gap between real life and social media. They are there so brands can share new experiences with their fans and fans can share their experiences with their followers. By bringing real events into the social media world, brands can create a unique and positive experience for their fans. This will also help build a community within the fan base because they feel connected in many different ways with the brand. However, it is important to note that it’s very important to make sure the two worlds are in synch, especially with sports. Games change quickly and fans will be checking scores and team updates constantly. It is important that the social world is keeping updated with the physical world. New media technologies make it easier to share quick updates with fans everywhere.

  1. Creating Excitement

One of the biggest challenges sports brands face is keeping fans invested. They have to create momentum and excitement whether it is leading up to the big game or during the team’s offseason. It is important to keep the fans active by producing engaging content. This can be done through following the previous tips!

  1. Don’t limit yourself

Existing apps are expanding their uses and evolving, while new apps are coming out every day. Live video might be the best form of marketing and social media use now, but it will not be the same in the next few years. The best thing to remember about new technologies is to have an open mind. By listening to new trends and fans any professional sports brand can be successful.

Professional sports should embrace new media technology as a way to connected viewers to brands, whether it be an athlete, a team, a specific sports organization, or a country. New technology may be a risk but after reading about the different apps and how they’ve been used all over the sports world, the technology should be less of a risk. Find the medium which best applies to the brand as well as its fans, whether that means sticking to one solid platform or posting on many different ones. New technology is here to help professional sports become successful.