Charging down the field of success

By Amanda Lewis

The reason why social media has been so successful in the professional sports industry is because fans like the idea of being a part of something bigger than themselves. There has been a huge shift in communication between sports fans and organizations, they have transitioned to two way communication.  Fans could not be happier with this transition as it allows them to express themselves and feel valued by their favorite organizations.

Fans psychologically become part of the team they support which creates a sense of solidarity and belongingness. Social media furthers that sense of belonging by creating communities and outlets where fans can feel validated by their favorite sports teams and fans just like them.

In order to create these social media sites where fans feel like they belong, professional sports organizations need to understand where their fans are and their needs and wants.  For example, fans of professional tennis aren’t going to want something along the lines of Fantasy Football. There wouldn’t be much benefit from a social media site like that due to tennis being played in either singles or doubles, not a whole team.

Another way to guarantee that fans will feel more like part of the team is to create momentum on these social media sites.  Doing things like creating hashtags, live streaming, and online contests can make fans feel more valued by the organization which then, keeps the fans coming back for more.

Social media has leveled up the professional sports industry by allowing fans to communicate with organizations and other fans by allowing them to express themselves online.  Professional sports organizations and affiliates have charged the field with their social media tactics, will you be joining them or sitting on the sidelines?