Around the world in 60 seconds

By Amanda Lewis

Before social media, staying connected with sports fans across the globe was difficult. Now, social media allows people from all over the world to talk about and stay connected with their favorite sports teams almost instantly.asset-4

International sports have become increasingly popular over the past few years and it is not unnatural to see fans of different countries all over.  These individuals who don’t live in the same country as their favorite sports teams often feel out of the loop, but with the app Fanmode, it is easy to tay connected.  Fanmode allows users to make gestures via their phones during the game in real time.  If Manchester United was playing really well, someone could “cheer” by swiping on their screen and all the other fas who are also on Fanmode could see that reaction and cheer along.  This app allows fans to watch the games together, from worlds away, and still feel just as connected with their teams and fellow fans.

The beauty about social media is that someone could live anywhere in the world and be a fan of another country’s sports teams.  Many people in South Korea are fans of the MLB, but before social media, they didn’t have a way to watch or talk about their favorite MLB teams.  Now, with a website called MLBPARK, South Korean baseball fans can discuss their favorite teams and stay up to date with current baseball events.

Not only does social media allow fans to stay connected, it also allows different sports to emerge in new markets.  In 2014, the UFC used the Conor McGregor vs Diego Brandao in Ireland to increase viewership in Europe.  They created a live event on the day of the fight so people could stream it live and talk about it. This live social media event, curated thousands of new fans in new markets across Europe.  

Social media has changed the way individual fans from around the world can stay connected with their favorite teams.  Sports fans from all over are now integrated online and aren’t as isolated from their favorite teams.