From Dawn Till Dusk

By Laura Quinones

Every day, from dusk till dawn, sports professionals covering NFL games must stay alert and connected with the public. The NFL, or the National Football League, consists of 32 professional football teams. They have contracts with four major tv networks; CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC. Each of these networks are in charge of media coverage for professional football games and events. Before social media, people would wait to watch NFL games and interviews on TV, so reporters only had to worry about scheduled content for that time. Nowadays, people have mobile devices that allow them to stay connected with their team at all times; something that every sports fan wants to do. This has changed the way sports professionals have connected with fans, and it is where social media comes into play.

 Staying connected on social media channels is very important, especially when Super Bowl season or fantasy football comes around. Die-hard fans will be hungry for updates from their favorite teams and they will await important news relating to them. They will expect interviews, stats, recaps, news and live updates. It is important that they stay connected to their team so that they are able to show their love and support for them. In the past, fans would turn to traditional media for this information, but now they look for this content on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is because sports fans are now more likely to check social media websites than traditional news websites when looking for the latest sports news. 83% of fans check social media while watching a sporting event on television . If sports journalists and broadcasters are able to give fans the information that they want, they will be able to create a relationship with their audience. The conversations that sports professionals will have because of this  aren’t just for the fans either. These conversations are used for content that will be discussed in other mediums such as ESPN’s Sports Center and NFL Live.


 Social media has given journalists and broadcasters a voice, something that sets them apart from the rest. On twitter especially, they are able to share their personal opinions with their fans and have an open connection with them. Sports professionals love feedback too! Fans are able to ask questions, re-tweet content, or comment. When sports professionals reach their audience, they are able to encourage them to have their own discussions and share information among themselves. Working in the sports media field is all about spreading the love of the game.