It’s all about the (Fan)tasy

By Amanda Lewis

The NFL has shifted their attention from official football games to making sure their fans get the most out of their experiences by interacting on social media. This shift has been a positive experience for the fans to get involved and feel valued by the NFL, as well as their peers.

A big part of the NFL in recent years has been Fantasy Football.  Fantasy Football is an online competition where individuals select different players from the NFL to make up a “team” and depending on how well those players do tScreen Shot 2016-11-12 at 3.18.29 PM.pnghat week in their games, those people get points.  This competition has really taken off with football enthusiasts.  

Fantasy football has really changed the way people watch the NFL.  People used to just watch local games or their favorite teams, but now they care about everything that’s going on.  People tune in to other games so they can see if a player on their fantasy team is performing well.

Fans have also had their NFL experiences enhanced with the addition of the Sunday Night Football Bus.  This social media bus travels around to every city hosting Sunday Night Football.  The bus has become famous with unique social media opportunities inside. There is a Twitter Vending Machine that allows fans to tweet from inside the bus and once the tweet is sent, the machine dispenses a prize.  This bus has amplified the way fans engage with Sunday Night Football by making them a part of the action.    

 The NFL has a wide range of fans that go from children all the way up through adulthood.  Children often times don’t feel as engaged in the comradery of football since they can’t purchase tickets to games, compete in fantasy football and keep up with the teams on social media.  The NFL has tried to change that by creating an online website called NFL Rush Zone. This website allows kids to play online games that pertain to the NFL and their sponsorships.  This website lets children to feel like valuable fans and in turn, the NFL will continue to have their loyalty as they grow up.  

The NFL’s use of social media has allowed fans to become more engaged fans by bringing them things like Fantasy football, social media buses, and websites for children.  The world of social media is ever changing, who knows what the NFL will come up with next to amplify fan involvement!