Throwing a Curveball in Traditions

By Amanda Lewis

Sports fans used to be just spectators of the games they were watching.  However, social media has changed the dynamic of the typical “sports fan”.  Fans can now interact with their favorite teams and fans just like them.  With apps like GameOn and Nevar Baseball, it’s easy for fans to interact with other fans.

There are a lot of ways sports fans can talk about the game they are watching.  Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or text message.  However, with all these different medias it is hard to talk to everyone at once.  GameOn is an app designed by Alex Beckman in hopes to condense the sports talk to one general place.  

Nevar Baseball is another app that condenses the sports talk to one place.  People who use Nevar Baseball can stream games live and have chats with people who are also watching the game.

With new social media, sports aren’t about just watching sports anymore, they’re about the whole interactive experience. Many professional sports have devoted time to interacting with fans, to keep them engaged and happy. For example, the 2016 Kentucky Derby was featured on snapchat.  People who were at the event could snap out stories for the rest of the world to see, so everyone could experience the real thing, not just the televised broadcast.

Social media is not only changing the way people watch sports, but it’s also changing how people interact with the sports, players, teams, and other fans. Fans are headed towards real life two-way communication with professional sports teams.  This set of blog posts will be covering fan ship, and how technology available to people today is changing the dynamics of sports and their fans forever.