Snap into It


By Catherine Pierce

New technologies and media are constantly being made and released, attracting a newer and larger consumer bases. Businesses that want to stay trending need to act quickly, take risks and have a good understanding of who their customer is. Professional sports business need to get out of the habit of only posting to the older forms of social media. If a business is too slow with “jumping on board”, they may risk being a step behind their customers or missing the trend altogether. 
Businesses have to take risks, as well. Since the media technology is so new, it is impossible to do a comprehensive test on all the new technology, so businesses must risk trusting the technology to an extent in order to communicate their message. However, even though there must be some risks taken in new media technologies, it should always be a calculated risk. The business must have done their research and understand their consumer-base.Businesses must be innovative about what they put out and on what channel they use to do it. All this makes up a business that is visionary. Amy Cole, head of brand development at EMA, Instagram, and Vision 100 believes that a visionary is someone that thinks differently. They use their unique thought process to develop new ideas and to overcome challenges in new ways. This is what it takes to become a master at new media technologies.

This blog will cover apps, like Instagram and Snap. Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012. It has 400million users, 49% of which use it daily. The NBA Warriors, found that the ROI from their Instagram ads was 13% higher than their normal ROI from jerseys and moving tickets.  It is great for both big and small brands. It is also great for targeted brand research, through hashtags and visual ad testing. Snap has 100 million daily users and 60% of its content is user generated. It is fast to create and share content. It has been affecting the sports world through its geofilters, that now can give live scores and stats during a game and discovery channels. Many different sports brands have their own Snap account to keep their fans up to date with all the lasted sports news and to give them behind the scenes experiences. Instagram and Snap are quick and humanizing for sports brands. They have a young audience, ranging from around 1334. They also help consumers create content and earned media for sports brands.

However, new media technologies are also about what is up and coming. On this blog, the new technologies that sports fans, journalist, brands, and so on are moving towards will also be discussed and researched. This blog will show the most up-to-date technologies and strategies in the professional sports world so fans can connect, interact, and be informed in a current and relevant fashion with their favorite sports brands. Every week one of my posts will focus on new media technologies and  the post each week will explore new topics pertaining to innovations in sports new media.