Welcome to Sports Media Zone. This site is dedicated to portraying communication tactics in the world of professional sports.. As millions of sports fans sit down to watch the SuperBowl or the World Series, they see endless advertisements that cost millions of dollars. This traditional advertising, while still sought after, is changing. Professional sports is watched … Continue reading Welcome

Tips for New Tech

By Catherine Pierce Tips for New Tech (Hint: it’s not the technology) Marketing through new media technology can be one of the most rewarding marketing techniques, but it can also be the most tricky since technology is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to have a knowledge of current apps and technology, however, in … Continue reading Tips for New Tech

Bridging the Gap

By Laura Quinones The world of sports broadcasting and journalism is competitive and challenging, but it reaps many benefits. It is a job that exceeds the normal office hours. Professionals that work in this field have a great love of sports and communication, the perfect mix to succeed. Social media has made journalism much more … Continue reading Bridging the Gap